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8.13.22 Who am I?

I am a tornado,

Ready to rip the ground beneath me,

To destroy anything in my path

I am a rubber band,

Being pulled in two directions,

Close to snapping

I am confused,

And hurt,

And confused again

I am a flower,

Ripped from a garden,

Refusing to blossom again

I am a puppet,

With someone pulling my strings,

Manipulating my every move

I am hungry ,

And tired and scared,

So scared

Who am I?

What is real?

How can I see the truth,

When everything feels like a lie?

Who can I trust,

When I don’t even trust myself?

I am freefalling,

With no floor to land on;

My foundation is gone.

There is no escape.

Every time safety comes,

The rug is swept out from under me,

Just like everything is swept under the rug.

I am a bad dream,

A never ending nightmare,

And I cannot awake

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