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3.1.23 Frostbite

Cold. That's what I'm feeling today. Not snow-cold. Not an icy winter wonderland, No, today I'm feeling stone cold. Like this deep frost is spreading through my entire body, ridding every shred of warmth in its path. it claws its way up from deep within me. From a part that I buried long ago. Or at least I thought I did. A chill so brutal, it threatens to pull me down into the underworld with it. They say hell is a fiery furnace, but I believe it to be frostbite. So bitter that you feel nothing, yet it's absolute agony.

I see the Alice version of myself tumble town a web-encrusted well. Deeper and deeper she falls, so far down, the top is no longer visible. All the light is gone, yet she continues to tumble deeper and deeper into a darkness so thick, it's palpable. So thick, you can taste it. It's the kind of blackness that makes the little Alice in me believe she will never escape.

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