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10.1.22 Trust

Fear. It’s the worst isn’t it? Like a knot in your gut that keeps tightening. Like a weight on your chest, making it impossible to breathe. Like a big gaping hole in your heart. And you just want to fill it. With love, with reassurance, with knowledge that it’s all going to be ok. But there is no way to know the future, to control it. We just have to trust. Trust that it’ll be ok. That we will make it through. That we have the strength to persevere.

It’s terrifying to trust. But isn’t it just as scary not to? To believe that we are stuck with no way out. To believe we are hopeless. To give up.

Our hands are essentially tied. We have no choice but to believe. But to keep the fight going, to push our limits even farther, farther than we believe possible. Because giving up is not an option.

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